Red Moon

Red Moon Workshop started off in 2012 as nothing more than an alias for a loose collective of friends looking to make some items in Valve's workshop system on their free time. Comprised of members from many different walks of life, ranging from industry veterans to web developers- We all believed in a new system that we saw as revolutionary and dived right in.

Four years later we're doing it fulltime, as well as currently also working on our first indie title known as Shot One-Our effort to create the first fully workshop funded Steam game.

Sirio Brozzi

Born in Italy and raised internationally, Sirio has shared a passion for development from a young age. In 2003 he migrated to the United States to study video game development, and has since been fortunate enough to have a varied and long career. He's worked for studios varying from AAA like Sony to indie studios like Runic games. Following a research assignment in 2012 that opened up his eyes, Sirio left the mainstream game industry to pursue a career full time in the Valve workshop system.

Andrew Helenek

Known internally as the guy who 'rigs for fun,' Andrew Helenek wears many hats at Red Moon. Originally starting off as an animator on Primal Carnage - Andrew discovered the Dota 2 workshop and has never looked back. Reverse engineering game systems and figuring out how things work behind the scenes are his primary interest, but he also enjoys animating, game design, making films in Source and playing Eternal Card Game.

Phil Blank

A colossal skeleton who roams the forests of Georgia in search of wi-fi access, he's the lead programmer for Shot One. His experience comes from a Bachelor's in Game Development and time spent as a solo developer, with 2017 having seen the launch of 'Sudokube'. Algorithm development is his specialty, making him the go-to decoder for whatever crazy system Andrew is reverse engineering that day.

Tucker Heaton

Tucker grew up on a farm before growing to love computers, a natural progression. Having cut his teeth on virtual and augmented reality projects, games remained at the forefront of his interests. After shipping Sunderland (2015) for the now defunct Oculus Share platform, Tucker is now sharing his various programming skills on Shot One. Loves animals with small hats.

Games We Have Worked On

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