UMP-45 | Dragonfire

Hello! We're back with our first hand painted skin in a while, a follow up to the SSG08 Dragonfire, one of the most popular CSGO skins we've ever worked on! We spent a long time trying to figure out how to make a successor without simply slapping the old design on a new gone, so we took our time on this one to figure out a new dragon design and appropriate gun to apply it to.

Ultimately we chose the UMP-45 and took inspiration from the long bodied Fei Long (飛龍, meaning'Flying Dragon') with the new Dragonfire to create a design that sleekly wrapped around the key areas of the UMP, including it's characteristically long magazine. We hope you guys like it! Be sure to check out the showcase video to see it in action. We try to do something new every time, and hope you guys dig this new direction. After hearing some feedback on this though, we'll probably generate a variant with more flames like the original Dragonfire, which was accepted as a skin into the Glove Case back in late 2016.

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