Cz-75 Auto | Neon Rider Light

The Neon Rider Light series, same retro flavor for a quarter of the price! After having created multiple painted versions of the Neon Rider series, we've decided to create a 'light' version of the Neon Rider that would have the same spirit of the original without the Covert/Classified level hand painted designs on them.

In part this was due to some of the guns we wanted to work on not having the space to create more elaborate designs, and also for the sake of trying to hit lower rarity levels with the Neon Rider line, which has been a cult favorite in the community. To create the Light line we riffed off the tongue in cheek diet soda ads of the 80's for inspiration and for the presentation videos we actually replicated those late night QVC ads, which are hilarious in their own right. 

In total we created both a Tec-9 and a Cz-75 Auto as 'twin skins', which can be viewed as part of the Official Neon Rider Collection.

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