Queen Kyu Makes A Splash!

We've been hard at work on production of our latest roster addition, Queen Kyu! We're happy to announce that she is finally up and running and will be playable for PAX West. We've created a small animated teaser internally to showcase this rambunctious feline Queen in the world of Shot One.

Queen Kyu was designed early on in our development as one of our breakout roster characters internally. A kitten and her squire piloting her mech, despite her outwardly cute appearance this Queen possesses a tyrannic streak and a thirst for universal domination. She was a ton of fun to work on, both as a design and from a production standpoint- And with this character we decided to try something new, an animated reveal trailer to see what we could cook up with our animation team. Queen Kyu was voiced by Elsie Lovelock, a talented UK Voice actress who we will be collaborating with going forward.

Check out the trailer above and hope you guys dig what we've come up with. More news to come, and we look forward to testing her at PAX West coming up.