PAX South: A Huge Success!

For Shot One, we set our eyes on PAX South months ago as a milestone to show off our first playable to the public, after having spent a rather long time dealing with the ups and downs of assembling a team and getting all the behind the scenes details sorted. It was a rather oddly timed deadline as PAX South is historically in early January, which lead to quite a few of us working over the holidays to get everything done. Was it stressful? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes. So how did things go?

Despite taking all the steps to do things right, there's always curveballs. In our case, our booth was double booked by accident despite us booking months in advance. Yet things always seem to work out-For our headache, we got 3 times the booth we imagined! And moved next to Bandai Namco's megabooth. While unsure as to what to think of this new location, we eventually realized this was all a blessing in disguise. We were planning on having a normal booth but were upgraded to a 10x30 (The normal is 10x10). So we had to scramble to adjust our layout last minute, but ultimately it granted the booth space to breathe in a high traffic area. 

It's always nerve wracking showing off a game for the first time, so we were nervous as to what the reception would be. Yet you know what? We had large crowds for 3 days straight, people coming back over and over again to play another round as well! Our philosophy was to make a game that followed the mantra of 'Easy to pick up, hard to master,' and what our team observed is that we have the beginnings of just that. Everyone from kids, to parents, to seasoned fighting game veterans found their stride in 30 seconds or less of putting a controller in their hands. That was really an emotional moment for us to realize all that hard work had paid off, but in general the experience was amazing for morale.  

So after a short bout of PAX plague work has resumed! What's next? A refactor of the game followed by new characters, stages and modes for the next milestone this year. The team is reinvigorated and we're all happy to report PAX was an incredible success for the team. The event afforded us a lot of amazing new opportunities already and we look forward to attending our next one soon! As always, be sure to check us out on the Shot One Twitter for more day to day dev goodies!

PS: It has been said many times before: Hand sanitizer is your friend at conventions. Con flu is too real.