Massive Drop!

We’ve been silent for a couple of months due to commitments on other projects, but we’re now back to the grindstone.

The Shot One team now has some additional team members, including concept artist Will who’s helping us with enviromental designs. We also have Rude who’s an enviromental artist who will be bringing those designs to life.

For our first update in this post we have progress from Will who has been working on an arena concept:

While Rude has been building out our first real arena, the Training Area:

More arenas will previewed as time goes on.

In a previous update we promised discussion about characters and abilities. We can now show off the next character that Andrew has been working on, Kyu.

An early sketch of Kyu was shown in an earlier update, since then she’s been modelled and bought to life within the engine.

Kyu is a royal of a hyper-intelligent cat race. She gets around the arena with the help of her mech suit.

The rigging of Kyu’s model is just being finished up, and soon we’ll be able to show off some animations. So far we have threee characters modelled and rigged: Vlad, Volley and now Kyu. Since Volley’s rig is the most refined at the moment we’re going to use Volley for all our animation testing in the arena.

As for abilities, we’ve been doing some further thinking. Each character will have a signature move and an ultimate move, accessed through a power meter. There will be a passive growth on the bar, but it will also build with skilled play. The strength of the passive increases as the game goes on longer, so the goal is that matches start out with skilled technical play to build meter, and then start to see more and more special moves as play gets more intense.

Signature moves are unique to each character. They will likely look something like this:

Ultimate moves can only be used if the meter is completely filled. So if the player foregoes signature moves for a time, they can try one. Ultimates aren’t directly offensive like signatures; we’re going to try making them utility based too, such as giving effects like defensive buffs, extra movement skills and more for a period of time. The system might work or it might need further tweaking but we’ll see how it goes. Naturally the ultimate moves will feature fighter-style cutaways to show off our characters.

Finally an update on the programming front. Lately we’ve been trying to build out some solid fundamentals to the project that we can rely on. Here are some gifs of the game’s menu-in-progress:

As well as the menu we’ve been doing a lot of work on controls and input. We’ve decided to take input really seriously given that the game will likely need some pretty technical play. We’ve been looking at cInput for a while for easy implementation but it just didn’t have the features we wanted so we ended up building our own.

We took a lot of inspiration from Elite’s controls menu which is the most adaptable and accommodating rebind system we’ve seen so far. In ours, you can use a combination of up to 4 keys of any type, on any kind of action, with no restricted keys or duplications. This includes any kind of controller and control stick. You could play Shot One with a steering wheel if you wanted to. The menu and controls sort of tie into each other so we’ve been working on them in parallel. But once controls are done we’ll be moving to player profiles - our goal is a system roughly similar to Rocket League’s, where players can drop in or out of the party at any time and can likely go online together.