Making An Outro!

A typical issue with making isometric games more eyecatching is figuring out ways to break up the monotony of a top down title. For Shot One we designed a lot of colorful, over the top characters so we wanted to figure out a way to showcase them. That's where the idea of the 3d outro system was born! Inspired by fighting game titles with their crazy over the top outros like Street Fighter, Tekken and even hints of Overwatch, we set out to try and create our own system to give the match finishes a colorful, satisfying end.

The VS screen was the first place where we experimented with giving the characters a place to visually breathe (Considering our gameplay is mainly top down), and once we were able to execute it in Unity-It opened up a lot of doors and made the team realize we had a lot of room to showcase the characters and their personalities. With this system success under our belt our animator crew set out to prototype a few ideas, until we settled on a camera system and outro length that would translate well into Unity.

This video we put together showcases just a few of the passes we went through in quickfire fashion to get this system done by PAX South, our first showing of the game ever. With the help of the entire team working in perfect unison we were able to polish it into a presentable state, which was quite inspiring. The biggest suprised came from our environment artist Ryan putting together a full 3D beach environment once he realized we could do better than the stylized flat color BGs we had originally planned. What does the future hold for this outro system? We have a ton of ideas planned. Unlockable outros of different rarities, new backgrounds that can be customized to the players liking and more!

So bear with us for future updates, this was one of the funner things we put together recently. For more day to day devlog goodies, check out our Shot One Twitter! Thanks for checking out this mini devlog.